Vine & Co is an Australian owned and designed luxury fragrance and lifestyle house, producing the finest products for him and her.

Founded by Australian born creative Nicole Walsh in 2014, Vine & Co was established after almost a decade working in the natural beauty industry with experience in manufacture, marketing and beauty therapy. With an upbringing focused on a healthy and organic lifestyle, she has been inspiring others to follow suit so it was a natural progression to create a lifestyle brand with a difference. Vine & Co is passionate about offering a range that is high quality, luxurious and with an environmentally friendly ethos whether used on the skin, in the office or outdoors.

Unlike ‘green-washed’ brands, Vine & Co’s products offer customers 100% natural, concentrated, active and fully bio-degradable cosmetics in re-recyclable containers with full ingredient disclosure available before purchase.

Gardening & Lifestyle

Vine & Co creates boutique gardening and lifestyle products made from a combination of natural, luxe, organic and recycled materials - special products, which will not get lost among the thousands of designer products already on the market. Vine and Co’s products are as practical as they are packaged beautifully so your everyday tasks can be transformed into something more special. Perfect for giving as a gift or for spoiling yourself without breaking the budget, Vine and Co merges luxury with utility with its unisex, unique products.


At Vine & Co, we believe anyone can achieve a perfect and radiant complexion with natural and effective skincare. Our formulations have been carefully formulated, ensuring only the purest and superior ingredients are used. Our production runs are small, providing the freshest batches without any hidden toxic chemicals. Cleansing and gentle exfoliation is the key to healthy glowing skin as it enables your skin cells to regenerate quickly, and allows active ingredients you apply afterwards to work at their best. This is the Vine & Co core philosophy for skincare: thoroughly but gently cleansed, exfoliated skin for complexion perfection.

Our products' natural organic ingredients never compromise your skin's appearance and health - no fillers, perfumes, petrochemicals or any other synthetic ingredients as they can be toxic, irritating, dehydrating or congesting.


Vine & Co candles are made using traditional methods by hand pouring the organic, vegan friendly soy wax and hand blending through the essential oils. The recipe used in Vine & Co candles allows for a stronger and purer scent throw, but without toxic synthetic perfume for easy breathing. (Perfume can be comprised of up to 200 artificial chemical ingredients) This creates exceptional candles with the desired scent for any environment with a safe and clean burn.

Our Skincare & Candle Products are:

100% Natural

100% High Grade Essential Oils

Reusable & Recyclable Packaging

Certified by PETA as not tested on animals

Australian Made

Gluten free

100% Toxin Free

Undiluted blend of quality ingredients

Quality before profits

Cosmetics that are suitable for vegans and those with sensitive skin

Concentrated, high performance formulas to deliver fast results