"I love my Vine & Co soy candle, it smells delicious and makes my room calm. The honey lip butter is good enough to eat and is long lasting on your lips!"

Tessa-Jay Slight

Blogger www.tessa-jay-circanow.blogspot.com.au/

“The natural honey lip balm is seriously good enough to eat. Its moisturising, non greasy and tastes great! Its cute tin box is the perfect size for in your bag or in the office draw. I also like to keep it in the fridge, perfect for after the beach in summer! Such a great gift idea and stocking stuffer at Xmas time too!”

Lisa Magee

from @stylegratification

“I was given the outdoor candle as a gift and I absolutely LOVE it. The citronella keeps the mozzies away when we eat outside and the lemongrass helps balance the citronella and gives it a really fresh summery smell. Lasted forever too! Will definitely be buying more of these for myself and as gifts!”

Laura Georgiou

from Tigerlily

“Vine & Co's Honey Nut Lip Butter is fantastic. After a cold winter my lips were dry and cracked. The Shea butter, macadamia & honey found in your Lip Butter has kept them hydrated and nourished. No more chapped lips! Thank you Vine & Co.”

Alex Elms

from Casette

“I am currently renovating my balcony and my hand trowel is the perfect way to do this in style, love it. The Vine & Co lip butter sits on my desk, as it is perfect for re-hydration, thank you! Xxx”

Nadine Andrews

Manager of Chic Blogger Management

"I have been using Vine & Co's all natural, organic products for years now. I turned to Vine & Co because I was having terrible problems with my skin, and the brand's ingredients are so pure and non-toxic, so I hoped that the goodness in the products would rub off in my skin. Sure enough, after consist use, my skin issues slowly started to fade away. I'm very particular with what i put on my face but Vine & Co make the cut :)"

Steph Mac

Model www.giantmanagement.com

“I Love using my beautiful hand trowel when I am in the garden and attending to my veggie patch. I have never taken so much pride in my gardening but I love using it so much because it looks so great! I keep it out of the rain so it always looks brand new. I also find my lips get very dry when I am outdoors and the lip-balm helps them from cracking and I feel comfortable knowing it’s toxin free”

Vanya Tsapepas


“I absolutely love my Vine & Co 100% natural lip balm and outdoor candle. The lip balm is smooth and nourishing and actually tastes amazing too! I am planning to use the natural soy wax candle all summer - the lemongrass and citronella scent is super fresh and also keeps away the mozzies! Perfect for summer nights!"

Ingrid Mohr

“I would never apply or spray mosquito repelling products because of their toxic and irritating ingredients, which even regular citronella candles usually contain. I love using Vine & Co’s 100% natural lemongrass and citronella candle because they are effective, non-toxic and smell divine. The fresh summery scent adds a wonderful ambience, and the votive looks chic in any setting. Having very sensitive skin, my lips love Vine's organic lip butter. Only the tiniest amount is needed. It is the best I’ve ever used!”

Juli Walshe

Founder and former owner Musq Cosmetics, Makeup Artist & Skin Care Expert

“We have a great relationship with Vine & Co- from using their fabulous products for our outdoor terrace on Channel 9’s THE BLOCK GLASSHOUSE to giving their outdoor candles and trowels as corporate gifts. These high-end garden products complement our business with a shared focus on quality and attention to detail and design. All the VividGreen boys are big fans of the lip balm too after being in the dust and sun all day they really help protect and heal.“

Tom Fritsch


" I am absolutely addicted to my Honey Nut Lip Butter! The soft silky texture and organic ingredients keep my lips smooth and hydrated, and super glossy! It's definitely one of my 'can't live without beauty products'. "

Tammy Kotefski

"I just had to write to you and say thank you for introducing me to the natural honey lip balm! As someone with a lot of allergies It's refreshing to find a lip balm that is genuinely 100% natural. I love this product and can't wait to see what comes next."

Krystyna Szlawski

“Vine and co changed our outdoor life. Thank you for scaring the mozies away while creating a romantic atmosphere with the soy outdoor repellant candle. Not only does it look beautiful and burn away the baddies without emitting any toxins, but also thankfully it doesn't trigger off any off the hubby's allergies. Best!”

Diti Loizou